Book 1 of the Migration Trilogy: The Ninth Clan

The Ninth Clan by Paul S. Ross

“The mystery of an ancient plague has been a closely guarded secret since the dawn of civilization. Two people are thrown into a journey of revelation and remarkable discovery. The truth they uncover about human evolution unlocks the door to the future. But in order to survive, they must sacrifice everything as they search for a way to use the hidden link between the truth and the cover-up.”

Reader Reviews about “The Ninth Clan”-

“It’s rare to encounter a book like “The Ninth Clan.” Written with such a compelling story line that I lost track of time and shirked my responsibilities in order to find out what happened next.” Mark Fullwiler

“The Ninth Clan is a mesmerizing, intriguing novel—will grab you and hang on until you’ve finished the last sentence. Could sit comfortably in any bookstore next to Clive Cussler and Robin Cook, with enough “creeps” to be next to Dean Koontz. Well-researched, totally believable—read it and shudder!” Beverly Caron

“After reading just a couple of chapters from “The Ninth Clan,” I started thinking about the characters when I wasn’t reading. That’s when I knew I had a good book. It was fast paced, impressive, and an original plot. The author comes up with an answer to the age old question of ‘where did evil come from and what would our world be like without it.’ It was hard not to reflect on these ideas.” Patty Lorenzen.

“Easy, interesting read with a lot I can relate to—it’s a winner!” L. York

“I want to say how much I liked, “The Ninth Clan”. I was impressed how the cover picture drew me in, but the inside was even better—very action packed and I did not want to put it down. Would have finished in a day but I had to put it down to cook for my family. Again the book was a fast read because it was good! I look forward to the sequel.” Margie Dilson


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